The man with the big nose fidgeted on the plush office chair. “I’ve never done anything like this before, Doc,” he said. “I mean, I’m a superhero, for Christ’s sake.” “There’s no shame in seeking counseling, Joe,” replied Dr. Baird. “Tell me what’s on your mind.” “I just feel so…Continue Reading

No one is wise. Smart people do not pull the strings. Strings are being pulled. An invisible hand, sculpted and programmed to accumulate wealth and power, maintains the show. Agents of billionaires keep the mechanisms running, wheels greased, think tanks churning. Money flows where needed. When the hand sweeps, theContinue Reading

The resounding, deafening cries rattled the interior panels within the cylindrical titanium rotunda. Screams emanated through the adjacent halls while blinding rays of teal light flooded the structure. The temperature dropped and increased without notice, and the entire floor reverberated as the screaming ensued, heightening in pitch. Such was theContinue Reading

THE GOLDEN BUREAUCRAT, to this day, has saved 1,423 lives. What is the count for other heroes? We do not know. But we know how many deaths they have caused.Black Widow: 48Hulk: 65Batman: 75Wolverine: 101Thor: 393Captain America: 14,098Superman: UncountableBut THE GOLDEN BUREAUCRAT is an inverted hero. His secret identity doesContinue Reading

I have to admit to myself and therefore also to you: I am a baby inside. I work in an office. I have no illusions. But after punching out, after uncinching that tie, after sliding those slacks down the length of my regrettably adult-length shaven legs, I am nothing, ifContinue Reading

Queen Cobra leaped out the window on the 39th floor of the Derossett Building. It wasn’t the tallest high-rise in Ark City but the fall would still kill her just the same. She snagged the line she had rappelled down earlier and moved deftly up it towards the roof. SheContinue Reading

Long ago (350 million years ago, but who is counting?), there was a grave distress signal sent from a dying star, a star so endlessly far it could only be energy from that initial universal explosion, that big, big Big Bang, and, as far as our organization has observed, isContinue Reading

When Spiderman taught meWith great power comesGreat responsibilityI walked out shirked mineDropped the ballWhen Batman taught meI’m only smiling on the outsideYou might join me for a weepI smiled and was invulnerableUntil I learned the difference betweenSmiling and showing my teethWhen Superman taught meVillains are made not bornI trusted strangersContinue Reading