For a time my brother lived under the floor. We knew that if he bit us, we would die. My father and I went finding fallen branches. We turned them into firewood. We kept on rubber boots. We weren’t to move about the house without them. Only once in bedContinue Reading

Our town had become overrun with men dressed like babies. You would see them in the shadows. Even in the cold. They are not unlike the clowns of Exeter. They spread out on all fours. They weigh from one hundred to two hundred pounds.  I met one baby in aContinue Reading

These are men in blue jeans. They have a handle on the neighborhood. They cultivate a bush. They hunch around and keep it secret.  They surround the bush like plumbers on a problem. Children come over. They try to get a glimpse of the bush. Boys peer at it. TheyContinue Reading

Two young cowboys are given a rope by their father. The father has decided they have not enough food to feed each other. Only two of them can live, not three. But it’s not a father’s right to choose. He left a rope in their room. They had two bedsContinue Reading

The cowboy built a small playground for the orphans. The orphans swarmed him. He picked them up on his shoulders. He made them fly like airplanes. The cowboy’s bones grew brittle. The children pointed their hands like guns at him when they saw him. The cowboy had a nightmare. TheContinue Reading

The cowboy is fired by the executioner. The cowboy drags out a body as proof. It was grey and hard as a rock. ‘This is no dead body, this is an Egyptian,’ says the executioner. The cowboy feigns a heart attack and asks the executioner to hang him. ‘End itContinue Reading

A two-headed troll pushes through the trees and finds a heart. A heart as big as a boulder or horse. e heart there beating on the ground, bright red pinned in the grass in the moonlight. Akork and Bagork. One reaches but his other stays his hand. –I want theContinue Reading

feat. Andy Anderson, bb, Mickey Collins, Joe Galván, Sara Kachelman, Ariel Kusby, Olivia Olivia, Phoenix Singer, Piers Rippey, Remy Autumn Torres, and Katie Borak. Dear travelers of the deep, dark woods, We see you have a basket of breads and beautiful chocolates. We see you are nice in your heartContinue Reading