I shatter with that night hiding inside my horns, when  you tried to teach me the mausoleum dance, how to  behold myself on glassy marble graves, but I wasn’t  listening. I draped rugs across my back and lied  about being heavy. I bite with that morning hiding in  my gums,Continue Reading

I’ve been those half-bridges, those stone lions, those jittering insect wings too. I’ve been that collapsing barn, forgotten and forgotten and forgotten. I’ve been the thing that rules everything, or, I’ve been the things ruled, prices paid in full every time.  I’ve been that stepped-on cigar, gasping for oxygen and enough fire, I’ve beenContinue Reading

He hadn’t had much, not that muchfor him anyway. For his stomach that guzzled bottlesand cups and little plastic shooters. Eyes glazed,lamps dim, summer tongues, pendulumhands – ones that pulled me into cat-black nightswhere no one could spy. He hadn’t had much, but I knewit was enough for him toContinue Reading