There was a faint buzzing and ringing in Wayne’s ears. He shook his head to ignore it, but it persisted in the back of his mind. He adjusted the rope to the other shoulder and continued trudging along. The man at the end of the rope kept struggling and squirming.Continue Reading

When I was young, I dreamed of being a baseball player. A common Midwest dream I played second base in Little League  Smoothed the dirt in front of me, waited for my opportunity.  A good glove, an awful bat though.  I struck out more times than I can count, RealizedContinue Reading

Once a pun a time, In a kingdom far away, There lived a king and queen, And their daughter, or so they say. This daughter, the princess, Was of unparalleled beauty. Gorgeous, beautiful, ravishing, Indeed, she was a cutie. But not only that, she was smart too, Reading everything inContinue Reading