The fist climbs into a town. The fist climbs into a canyon. Thefist fits inside a cave beside a waterfall.The boy and the girl were making love in the small lake whenthe hand came through the waterfall. It was the size of a delivery truck. The waterfall split in twoContinue Reading

I went to see the undertaker. Get in, he said. He brandished his shovel. It’s easy, he said. He gave me his shovel and climbed into the hole. Throw dirt on me, he said. Was this a trick? Wouldn’t he raise up higher and higher, the fresh ground settling beneathContinue Reading

The father of abusive sons finds a way to make his sons acknowledge him. His sons drink beer and repair things. They monkey around the backyard. Their father brings them beers and lemonade. They crush the cans on their heads. He makes them cookies, which they do not use. ‘YouContinue Reading

There is a young man with his grandfather. The grandfather is confined to a wheelchair. The grandson takes his grandfather to visit the vampire.Hello?The vampire comes to the mouth of the cave. It is a rainy evening in March. Age brings a vampire nearer to death. The blood of theContinue Reading