Letter from the Editors:

Dearest Readers,

Now that our ninth issue finished has been shelved, as it were, Deep Overstock is no longer a new arrival on the literary journal scene. Just for this issue alone we received submissions from booksellers and book lovers from all parts of the world: Australia, the Middle East, England, even Ohio! There were more short stories, poems, and pieces of flash fiction than we had room for. In this time of Covid-19 and quarantine it is a beautiful sight to see writers and artists are not giving up.

In this “themeless” issue, our contributors have brought some brand new writing and art that cover all sorts of topics. We hope that you enjoy the pieces collected here and that they can bring you some much needed–at least in our case–distraction.

And don’t think that just because we did an issue that was open themed we have run out of ideas. Pish posh! The next theme for Deep Overstock will be… The Origin of Life! Submit your pieces by September 1st, 2020!

Deep Overstock Editors

(cover art: Mickey Collins)

Gale AcuffThird Party
AJDWhither the Wheel
Vincent A. AlasciaReclamation
Kummam Al-MaadeedA Few Days After Becoming a Vampire
Maev BarbaKing Merneptah’s Hands; King Sneferu’s Ring
Lily BradfieldThe Man Called Sue
J. Ian BushCongratulations, It’s a Boy; Lightning Bugs in a Mason Jar, Summer of 1998, Moments Before Disaster; Smothered; We Shared a Bed of Broken Glass
Roger CampBookstore Window, rue de Lille, Paris 7 ̊; Little Man, Quito, Ecuador; Black Hand, Quito
John ChrostekHobgob; The Box
Mickey CollinsNew Arrival
Sunset CombsSan Francisco
L. FidWaiting for Dogot
Phoebe GlenA Warm September in Arizona
Dianah HughleyBingo Bitch
Matt HuntAltamaha
Erin KarbuczkyDeath and Life
Marina KazakovaIn a doorway, timid and shining you stood in silence…
Melissa KermanMan Eater
Scott LaudatiDriving to Thom Young’s House, What Are You Good At?
Faith NoelleSophistication
Timothy Arliss O’BrienEmpty Cupboards
Michael SantiagoDead Letters
Anum SattarWeeping Willow
David SchwartzLove at First Sight, Every Morning
Laura ScottFelita and the Green Bean
Jesse SensibarLimestone and Rose Quartz, Place
ellie sharphow i came (after eve ewing); there are too many poems about morning; where the heat goes when it rises
Paul SmithJudy Bowler
Sue Su磵瓏덤稿 Like Waiting for a Rabbit in Your Lap; 읕粲념鑒 Will the Real Pan-Piper, Please Stand Up?
Jeremy SzuderUntitled 1; Untitled 2; Untitled 3
Jonathan van BelleApocalypso Lemonade; Portland Pessimist Society; Unblinking
Z.B. WagmanThe Golem of Prague
Patrick WrayThe Teenage Magus
Nicholas YandellA Quiet Place Out in the Rain


Managing Editors: Mickey Collins & Robert Eversmann
Prose: Mickey Collins, Robert Eversmann, Michael Santiago, & ZB Wagman
Poetry: Ariel Kusby
Translation: Sue Su