Dearest Readers,

These winter months of cold are dark give us the chills and goosebumps. Or perhaps that’s just the feeling of anticipation that comes when you have new prose and poetry to read.

It’s been too long. Did you think we ghosted you? You certainly ghosted us and we’re happy for it. Thanks to you, Deep Overstock is back in the flesh…or lack thereof.

Within these pages you hold are haunts both happy and sad, with a feeling of unfinished business. To open this tome is to invite the ghosts of family, friends, strangers, and even houses into your life.

Just remember that even after you close this journal, these stories will continue to stay with you, so make your peace with them as you go.

Yours, the ever-present and ghostly pale,
Deep Overstock Editors

Audio release party episodes can be found on the Deep Overstock Fiction Podcast.

Cover: Ghostie’s Tomb by J. Remy LeStrange

KB BallentineA Way to Find You; The Shortest Night; Telling the Bees; What Cannot Be Changed
Christopher Barnes DISEMBODIMENT
Callie S. BlackstoneHow to Hunt a Ghost
Kai BroachFirst Lecture in Phantomnation
Roger CampGhost Mask, Mask Shop, Venice, Italy
Abbie DollUpholstery Geist
Christine Eskilson Sabrina
Lynette Esposito Ancestors; Early March; The Holiday Kitchen; Icicles Before Spring
Joe Galván Excerpts from San Narciso: Republican, Tragic & Romantic novel on Mexican National Affairs
Gabby GilliamI Summon Our Dead Sister to Our Dying Father’s Bedside; Sleeping In
Ken GosseThe Nightly Visitor; Tricks Mix
Cynthia GraaeAwake
Sarah Das Gupta Granny’s Ghost; A HAUNTED HOUSE; The Supermarket Spectre
Ann Howells Imponderable; Seventeen Years; Those Whose Memories I Share
Valerie HunterImagined; Two Girls Watching TV
RJ Equality IngramA Triptych
Aletha Irby Halloween Still Life With Birds
S.Z. JamesOut There
Ivy Jong Tenth Muse; or, Callisto of Lesbos
Gurupreet K. KhalsaMiles of Ghosts
Kara McMullenThe Exorcism
Keith MeltonPensioner of the Merchant Marine
Karla Linn MerrifieldProper ID Required
James B. Nicola Around the House
Timothy Arliss OBrienInterview with a Ghost
Molly O’Dell You Know It’s Coming
Janis Lee Scott1971
A.A. Slaterpryce Merlin Merlot
Sophia SpisakGhost
Coleman StevensonIn the Attic
Mike Wilson Rata Udre Udre
Nicholas Yandell Haunt Me Gently

Editors-In-Chief: Mickey Collins & Robert Eversmann
Managing Editor: Z.B. Wagman
Poetry: Timothy Arliss OBrien, Jihye Shin & Nicholas Yandell
Prose: Heather Hambley