Finalist for the 2021 Oregon Book Awards

On the surface this is a collection of film reviews for movies that don’t exist. But in footnotes that begin academic and slowly become more personal, a story emerges of the reviewer, an English teenage boy, as he comes to terms with an unrequited love and struggles with things that he cannot change. This postmodern novel by Portland author Mark Savage is perfect for fans of Jorge Luis Borges, Nabakov’s Pale Fire, or film history and theory.

MARK SAVAGE is an author and musician from Portsmouth, England. He lives in Portland, Oregon where he is the host of the MIND-MELD, the CAPTAIN OF STORYTIME, and the founding member of the FICTIONAL FILM CLUB.

Read Mark’s Interview with Marc Winters.

ISBN: 9781949127065
Release Date: 9/21/2019
Price: $15.00