Letter from the Editors

Dearest dreamers,

When we sleep our brain does some audio-visual gymnastics to help us understand ourselves. But more often than not, our dreams don’t just stop when we wake up.

We gave you a bottle of metaphorical sleepytime tea and asked you to report back. In return you gave us dreams by the pillowful. Thank you for crushing the sand from the corners of your eyes and using that to ink your nightmares for us. Reading all of your submissions kept us awake at night, in the best of ways.

In this issue you’ll find desires and dreams in all shapes and sizes. We appreciate you continuing this journey through our collective minds with us.

After you finish reading this issue we would ask you to turn your attention away from the ever-changing dreamscapes that haunt us and to begin to think of another changing time in history: that of the western–a time of outlaws and sheriffs, of humans versus nature, of new technologies and strange lands.


DO Editors

(Cover art contest winner: Kevin Sampsell)

Kummam Al-MaadeedThe Anchor
Andy AndersonImagine, Only in My Dreams
Mickey CollinsJapan Dream
Alexander DemitrusShort Story
L. FidWrong Elevator
Desmond Everest FullerOur Lost Map
Krystina HalfordAchromatic
Ryan HallThe Wet Feather
Dan HeiseA Quick Personal Tour of My Dreams
Ula JankowskaCircus Chicken
Ariel KusbySpring Equinox
Ryan Shane LopezShadows Doth Make Bright
Leanna MoxleyThe Dream About an Evil Queen
Elizabeth NealLucy
Timothy Arliss O’BrienI have a dream.
Spencer PondPhotos
Carole ReichsteinSkin
Mike SantiagoHeroes Don’t Exist
Kevin SampsellYou Okay
Ben TalleyLullaby
Jonathan van BelleIt Dreams
Geoff WallaceMoneymaker, Roll Under, The Bleak, The Sea of Transformation, All you do in Hell is
Z.B. WagmanWrinkles and Calluses
Nicholas YandellThe Wraith
没有人 (Translated by Michael Feral)杀梦爱蒙 (Dream of Love Killing)


Editor-In-Chief: Bobby Eversmann
Managing Editor: Ariel Kusby
Prose: Mickey Collins & Bobby Eversmann & Z.B. Wagman & Amanda Pecora
Poetry: Ariel Kusby
Social Media: Ariel Kusby & Caroline McCulloch
Web Design: Robert Eversmann
Interior Design: Mickey Collins
Cover Design: Kevin Sampsell