Roger Camp is the author of three photography books including the award-winning Butterflies in Flight (Thames & Hudson, 2002) and Heat (Charta, Milano, 2008). His work has appeared in numerous journals including The New England Review, New York Quarterly, and the Vassar Review. He previously worked as a reference librarianContinue Reading

Jeremy Szuder is a born and bred California native, raised with a tender and dedicated loyalty to the arts. His works have been published in Fine Print Literary and Visual Arts Publication, After Happy Hour Review, All The Sins, Home Sick Zine, several issues of L.A. Record Magazine as wellContinue Reading

And I sat down on the pier, the lights from the city I had only just met shining on the water like false sunlight. Sea lions slept in drying piles on swaying docks. A few of them wailed, a chortle or a war cry that echoed on air. Two inContinue Reading

I waited for my dad as I stood in line for food rations under a blue-gray sky streaked by the contrails of war planes. Every Monday for the last eighteen months we had met outside the Klein building for our weekly food vouchers. The combination of drought and the warContinue Reading

A quiet place in the rain, To be alone, With cold, Damp, Companions, Holding exposed, The virtues of isolation. Numbness dissipates,Distraction, Escape, Lulled away… A soft static wash,     In the soundscape. Chill flows, Shivers of urgency, Dislodging buried slivers, Coaxing them to the surface,Embracing Affliction, And the wisdomContinue Reading

i wake in the belly of a fasting beasta broken day devouring itself.there are too many poems about morningi announce to my empty room. a loose bouquetof light drifts to where you last laystillthe shadow of your leaving scrawled against the wall.there is no night left in this bed.oncedrunk offContinue Reading

You are living in a boxGrowing smaller. You were born inside the box,and it has been a part of you (apart from you)forever, like a shadow is and isn’t, like the wallsthe shadows play on or the fires that cast them.A shadow is its light. In such a manner, so’sContinue Reading

守株待兔 很久很久以前,有一个农民,每天都很辛苦地工作。有一天,他正在休息,突然,有一只兔子,一下子撞到了他旁边的树根上,死了。 那一天,他吃了很美味的晚饭。 可是从那以后,他不工作了,每天守在树根旁边,希望有其他的兔子撞死在树根上,这样他就又可以吃到很美味的饭了!  Like Waiting for a Rabbit in Your Lap There was once there was a farmer who worked hard everyday. But one day he decided to rest and so sat beneath a tree. Suddenly, a rabbit rushed beside him, tripped and broke its neck.  That day theContinue Reading

He heard somebody telling somebody else about some woman in New Boston who smothered her baby. He knew smothered was bad because the person telling looked sour and the person listening frowned and shook her head. But he thought smothered sounded pretty and soft like pillow or blanket. He askedContinue Reading