Umberto’s cooks the juiciest veal cutlet in the entire city. You know this because you’ve eaten veal cutlet at every Italian restaurant in the entire city. You’ve given second chances; with the sand-haired boy two weeks ago you revisited Butera’s and then Pomodorino with the freckled boy last week, butContinue Reading

Clouds seed tearsupon your skin –probably more similar to frost,rain pearls slowly sinkdeep down the ice layers –your eyesare tired metallic mist,the raindrops are volcanic rockslike basalt in the Venetian lowlands,everyone seems to complainwhenever it rains on Earth,even in Belgium…Oh, God, lease, rain meto those shoulders and this umbrella,let meContinue Reading

Patrick Wray is an artist from the North of England but now based in London where he has worked since 2006 at the world famous bookshop Foyles. He had recorded quite a bit music over the years and occasionally writes articles on horror films, art and music. He published hisContinue Reading

“Yes. Did you hear it again?” “Shit, if it’s what I think it is, well. Shit’s gonna ‘splode. In a good way.” “What’s that? What is going to explode? Let me tell you oh sleepy one “ “Yes, you heard! Me too. Do you think? Do you think it is?”Continue Reading

It is not feasible after a battle to make soldiers count.  It is not feasible to make a scribe wander aimlessly through a battlefield. Soldiers cut hands off the bodies, one hand per body, and arrange them in a grid for scribes to tally.  Two hands; two dead. Five hands;Continue Reading

It is no small thing to be forgotten.After centuries of birth, and endless ghosts,To find oneself without a gathering,A narrative of beginning and purpose,Stumps that rise from depthless silt,Crawling, like the first creatures, onto the land,We bred what impulses for air were held on our lips,Breath, and endless heartbeats, aroseContinue Reading

is it shame of making loveto a low ranking generalthat your fingers tremblewhile undoing my sash? silly foot soldierI would scream in delightbeing taken from behindwere your overweight wifenot peeping through the blinds! It was common in the Edo period for Oirans or Japanese courtesans to have professional names inspiredContinue Reading

By age five, his father was doing his best to make a man of him. He had unusual methods: 1) Burrowing both fists into the shoulder blades, elbows deep (this will teach him how to eat pain). 2) Sculpting his silhouette to fit some kind of monster. 3) Transfiguring hisContinue Reading

I once dreamt that I was gunned down. My hands, poor shields, tore open without a sound. My right cheek and right row of teeth were shattered, sprayed off. I could only crawl, and crawling, only feebly hide from my exterminator. The exterminator walked up, took his time, aimed, andContinue Reading