The father of abusive sons finds a way to make his sons acknowledge him. His sons drink beer and repair things. They monkey around the backyard. Their father brings them beers and lemonade. They crush the cans on their heads. He makes them cookies, which they do not use. ‘YouContinue Reading

There is a young man with his grandfather. The grandfather is confined to a wheelchair. The grandson takes his grandfather to visit the vampire.Hello?The vampire comes to the mouth of the cave. It is a rainy evening in March. Age brings a vampire nearer to death. The blood of theContinue Reading

Abraham Lincoln sagte: “Du kannsyt der Verantwortung von heute nicht entkommen, indem du es morgen meidest” (Abraham Lincoln said: “You cannot escape the responsibility of today by avoiding tomorrow”).1 The Landlady, Mensch Versus Mittwoch There is a sequence in F.G. Hoch’s Mensch Versus Mittwoch in which Eli, played with brilliantContinue Reading

“I guess… I’m just afraid, Levi,” a distressed outlaw said. “You know damn well we ain’t both gonna get through the night, Cassidy. Get the hell outta here already. Would ya? I’ll hold him off. The time for talk is over. Get back to your family and live out theContinue Reading

Eliot said that April is the cruelest month, time of year when when lilacs were bred out of the dead land. It’s not hard to grasp how this bleak proposition is substantiated within the context of Eliot’s unique times. In our time we have zombie apocalypses, children going door toContinue Reading

She is….still alive? Color drains from her visage Blood pools on the floor Strapped to the chair Innocent virgin struggles In vain…dripping veins Captor … killer … waits Inhaling her pain … her fear Soon, the feast begins Born on the Bayou, rolled with a Cajun Queen for awhile, chasedContinue Reading

Oaktea has always been in love with every aspect of a book–from the design to its contents, everything contributes to the experience. She started making comics for the all-in-one art and words combination, and eventually started working in bookstores to feed her voracious habit, as well as her love andContinue Reading

I knew since long ago, a curse walking into, on a saturday morning. A reflection from a shattered mirror the night before, the curse crawls up, from the abyss, bald, 210lbs, and way too old to exist. It knocked me out, with a bloody face, in the morning. It burnedContinue Reading

My throat is riddled with holes for rocks to grow in,  little white bits.  You put your  tongue in and I wonder, do you feel it?  Can you slip between  the filled up, crumbling, rank red cells? My throat is cryptic, dead things hidden in the  moist dark.  I putContinue Reading

When I hear the key in the lock, I get scared. I forgot to find a place to hide so I have to jump to it. The apartment is real small but in the corner by the one window there are long curtains so I tuck myself up in themContinue Reading