Whenever Steve visited his brother Benny in Chicago, Benny’s wife Cheryl, who never liked Steve, made him sleep in the attic. They had an extra bedroom, but that belonged to their daughter Barbara who was away at college and insisted that while she was gone, no one be let intoContinue Reading

got caught on a not so hidden camera his eyes these  two dots & his surface  so white it fought off any light his sound bit- ten off as he tried telling them how he’d gotten   the notebook so he could jot down all he thought were his own thoughtsContinue Reading

Vague images sway through my skull,Sloshing under the dented cranial dome,Like a liquid motherboard, uprooting strandsOf a dream, I thought had been long forgotten. As the motion-picture reel plays, I step insideMyself, not far enough to become lost in theWorld of cracked screens and wavering signals,But close enough to tasteContinue Reading

It was perhaps one of the only times when your own heartbeat was not reassuring. Under the sky so blue it would pierce your eyes, bluer than the color of his very eyes, he felt life slowly leave his limbs. If Ali were any younger, younger by just a day,Continue Reading

Ricky smiled after doing it successfully ten times in a row. He could move the card from one hand to the other so that it couldn’t be seen, and he didn’t need any misdirection to do it. He had been practicing a card trick that involved this new sleight-of-hand forContinue Reading