If I could hack the worldObserve its computationsDissect its codeLeaving its secretsIntimately exposedI’d have to ask myself honestlyWhat would this power do to me? In the long nightsThrough wired dreamsAnd fluorescent fantasiesOf amplified heroicsWith synthesized idealsMolding a societyAnd adjusting humanityTo a higher resolution. To slide fluidlyThrough the mainframesOf earth’s institutionsBeContinue Reading

O, dastardly techno deedI perpetrate this morning:hacking into Jimmy’s gmail.Actually, it’s a piece o’ cake.He labeled a desktop shortcut moses001.The Google logo is a giveaway.And from there – Bingo! – directlyto jameskarlmerri@ on the far sideof cyberspace. Of 642 messages, only a few dozenfind me browsing familiar territory,our common groundContinue Reading

What a pair of words he uses:nerve strangle; he employsthem instead of the deadeningeuphemistic trio: big-screen TV; track the obvious vector of brainlessness;poison of epidemic proportionswith mercury digitized, disseminatedon YouTube; its vids-gone-viral transmit the gigabyte lie directly into humanneurons—oh that it were pixelatedarsenic and, at the very least, we couldfirstContinue Reading

My sleeves like my sentences are too short Glasses slip off my noseI default oftenTexts dont stay within the margins Pants dont reach my anklesI might walk away from you in mid-sentence Punctuation doesnt concern me Its not me its not you Im not myself You expect more of meContinue Reading

Purveyor or surveyor, I’m in the business of lies. I ferret out secrets and shadows, uncover outrages and hidden motives. I pry open closets, shake out rugs, dig up graves, excavate lost souls, throw bodies on ice. The underground, I’ve got it covered, or uncovered when it comes right downContinue Reading

Charlie White remembered when all the trouble broke out. It had been his junior year at Tech, spring actually, although he barely knew it because he rarely left his second floor apartment cyber-cave on Washington Street about a mile away from the Institute. His carefully constructed enclosure, with wall-to-wall computerContinue Reading

I’m here to fetch things that float up,Devoted to the murk of ocean, No hint whatever it isA few feet below, Where iridescence wavesBefore vanishing. I come to this dockEach morning And imagineA flounder, the wise seer, Gazing from his abyssThrough tricks of light At the stranger craning his neckInContinue Reading

As your red hair wraps around my stilled heartYour love vein begins its rapid resuscitationI open my pitch black eyes to a gleaming silhouetteBlinding beam of passion transferred through your soul’s window Soft warm hand on my broad chestLost…oh so pleasantly lost in theeThe all encompassing fixation of usZeroed intoContinue Reading

I have accepted that in this life I have a physical body and that I pushed it to extremes. I am a three-time Mr. Cascade and twice Eagle. I have dragged semi-trucks. And I have held airplanes back from flying. But there has always been something missing. When people tellContinue Reading

The bar attracts its failures, the strangest get in free,one man calls himself the infectious consonant,he cancels every engagement, blaming his grandmother’s face,and nothing sickens himexcept the nausea he gets when looking at thorns The black and white lips by the jukeboxspray out a bond of laughter,they belong to aContinue Reading