Lemon Candy Currency – Tara Kareta

My name means dirt and my brother’s, son of God.
Not that he is a saint nor I an angel.

I learned to love the smell of mud
playing in a fort constructed by our father out of plastic sheets.

Rescue, my brother’s favorite board game
is about War,
yet he was the one who pulled me out when the ice broke.

My first job was to babysit a cat named Basil.
I was paid to watch that fat silver cat with jelly beans.
It’s important to know your worth even at an early age.

Passing the contribution plate,
depositing my sticky lemon offering on top of envelopes
hoping my payment would raise me up,
from my muddy title.

Tara was born in Concord, New Hampshire. She has a BA from The Culinary Institute of American which is now completely unrelated to her professional life. In addition to a normal 9 to 5; Tara is a yoga instructor and pretend farmer. She lives in Rhode Island with her beagle.

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