WANNABEE – “doug”

Can you stay late today?
We really need to play catch-up.

It’s not more responsibility,
It’s just a shift in duties.

I wanted to be in the movies,
That didn’t happen.

Then I wanted to be behind the camera,
That never happened.

I thought I could write about it,
Who cares?

I want to be the Queen Bee,
In a sea of Queen Bee wannabes.

All worker bees.

Just like me.

If I don’t give up,
On my dreams.
Maybe I’ll go extinct.

Maybe I don’t give a fuck,
On my knees.
We’ll both go extinct.

Me and the bees.

“doug” has been writing and drawing all their life. They found it was time to come out of their cave and share some of these creations. “doug” may or may not be a pseudonym for a person who works at a prolific Northwestern local bookstore, but feels the name “doug” represents their works just as samely as any other old name.

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