Dusting – Ryan Clinesmith

I’m sitting on the porch.—Bees out of nowhere,
the UPS guy says, “It’s a swarm, scary.”

First I heard them, a loud rubbing engine
dusting the sky like a sunlit orb or a dark bubble

lifted out of string and rubber without the oily chrome.
Only blondish density, and fear, imagining

I was one, part of the airborne school,
peppered by their ire. We fear all bugs these days,

“Scary!” we say, thinking what it must be like
to be inside them and have them inside us.

Ryan is an educator and writer who loves music and interdisciplinary arts. His poetry is concerned with poetic tradition and the nature of influence on modern writing. He works as an administrator at a primary school and routinely acquires book collections for its library.

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