Only in My Dreams – Andy Anderson

<Excerpts from a 10-year-old dream journal>

We were in Africa.

I lived in a super fancy house. 

We walked everywhere.

I was like this is impossible on a pogo stick. 

I was on a long journey.

I broke my arm.

I was hanging out with hippies and the homeless. 

I was cleaning bathrooms somewhere.

I was invited to go to Thailand.

I blew up Tiffs car. 

I married Tinny.

I was late for school. 

I needed to go to Lubbock. 

I went into a club.

The system was down. 

I was with my family.

I went to a movie theater but the kids showed up and we had to decide whether or not to drink the already purchased alcohol.

I paid for the movies with three dollars then used my debit card.

I brought leftover Mac & Cheese.

David suggested that if I love The Philippines so much, why don’t I just move there? 

“Arielle is Hamming” helped me come out to my Dad.

“Ash came home last night.”

I was at a wedding.

I was at my moms house and she told me that on Tuesday I was gonna go on this date with a boy. 

I was in a hostage situation. 

I was leaving for a long journey but didn’t want to go. 

I didn’t want to go. 

I was running late. 


         I woke up for real, running late, and #confused.

With a mix of authentic vulnerability, relevant truth, and humor, Andy Anderson writes poems that immediately make you want to be their friend. They are a co-organizer of Byrony Blaze’s Queer Poetry Takeover in Portland, OR.

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