Achromatic – Krystina Holford

The world is tinted purple

the sky’s a shade of green

the landscape reflects hues

of colors I have never seen;

I walk as if I’m floating

on a bright and crisp rainbow

and when you float on toward me

I whisper things you’ll never know.

In a world where nothing’s black and white

and reality’s surreal

inhibitions’re broken down

and I tell you what I feel.

All lines are blurred and coated

in twisted shades of gray

and in this space you kiss me

but in this dream that stays.

Krystina Holford formerly assisted in the maintenance of an educational library in Nanjing, China and guided in the sales of a spiritual library in Lake Forest, California. Now she can be found writing poetry, scripts, and an occasional short story if the mood strikes. Her greatest struggle in life is convincing herself to write instead of re-watch episodes of ‘The Office”, and she can’t walk past a book store without touching  at least one of the books inside.

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