Zenithism is the prospect that an infinite natural system evolves infinitely many maximally advanced conscious beings. In Zenithism, this first book on the subject, Jonathan van Belle explores zenithist philosophy through essays, aphorisms, short stories, and a Grecian dialogue. This mixed-genre work is an invitation to imagine the eschatological possibilities of science, technology, and nature.

JONATHAN VAN BELLE is a zenithist, author, and philosopher who lives in Milwaukie, Oregon with his wife and sunlight, Zuriel van Belle, his miniature schnauzer, Nietzsche, and tuxedo cat, Gigi. He is the author of three books: The St. Stylite Trivialist Primer (2015), The Adelaster Bay Book of Hours (2016), and The Charter Party Companion to Private Holidays (2017).

ISBN: 9781949127164
Release Date: 2/14/21
Price: $15.00