She felt tired after walking so long, so she knelt down to rest by a pond. Then through the limpid water, she saw the reflection of her face and body. When she smiled, the reflection smiled back, and when she scowled, the reflection scowled back. Enlightened by the reflections, sheContinue Reading

守株待兔 很久很久以前,有一个农民,每天都很辛苦地工作。有一天,他正在休息,突然,有一只兔子,一下子撞到了他旁边的树根上,死了。 那一天,他吃了很美味的晚饭。 可是从那以后,他不工作了,每天守在树根旁边,希望有其他的兔子撞死在树根上,这样他就又可以吃到很美味的饭了!  Like Waiting for a Rabbit in Your Lap There was once there was a farmer who worked hard everyday. But one day he decided to rest and so sat beneath a tree. Suddenly, a rabbit rushed beside him, tripped and broke its neck.  That day theContinue Reading

滥竽充数 很久很久以前,齐国的皇帝爱听吹竽,又非常喜欢热闹,所以为他吹竽的就有三百人。他常常叫这三百人一起吹竽给他听。有个南郭先生,完全不会吹竽,但是因为吹芋的人很多,所以他假装和别人一样会吹芋。 后来这位老皇帝死了,新皇帝喜欢听人一个一个地吹芋。南郭先生听到这个,非常害怕,只好逃走,不再假装自己很会吹竽了。 An emperor in the time of Warring states loved listening to panpipes. The emperor loved panpipes best of all intensely loud. And so he rustled up three-hundred pipers, a band he ordered, Pipe! But in this band there was a certain Mr. Bo—a Mr. Bo who couldContinue Reading