Only one hive made itthrough this furious winterof subzeroes and wind chillbitter disputes andmarital strife; they werethe hardiest, I guess,the colony with a queenbent on survival,in mad love with her brood.After dividing and divisionswe agreed I’d keep the beesand move them down the roadto a friend’s garden: wildflowers,mulberry trees, peace.SoContinue Reading

I’ve let the yard go.There’s still grass, yes, but bitby bit it steps aside for dandelionsand violets, creeping vineswith purple flowers, baby bluetsand buttercups. It is as if I’mallowing space for one smallflower per bee, inviting themto my yard for a drink.The neighbors whose lawn is perfect,who mow 3 timesContinue Reading

I leave them stores for the winter,gallons of honey and a thousandgolden pockets of pollengleaming in the dark of the hivenourishing the workersthrough the long cold.But then I take my due,the honey supers so heavymy knees begin to buckle.Sweetness is a heavy loadpulling at my gut. It’s easierto cut itContinue Reading