When I slam on the brakes,I plunge headlong intoa proverbial brick wall,nothing is the same. My figure sprawls on the groundstunned, unable to accessmy abilities. I submit my bodyto rigorous testingto locate my Achilles’ heel. All these testsand treatmentsdo not empower me,improve function. I am weak, curledin the fetal positionContinue Reading

I possessa lease agreement 40 some oddpages detailing the story of my lifetime as a heroineon this planet. No small printonly a straightforward agreement to bestow my talentand treasureto my fellow man anointeduntil my last breathto instill my legend. I’m at the pointin my contractwhere I see my ownvulnerability. LifeContinue Reading

The bullets you lobat me bounceoff my field of impenetrability. Day by day the layers of fatunder my skinbecome my armor,necessaryto protect mefrom a worldinspired with hatefor anything other —odd, weird, different unusual —not dimensionalenough to fit intoan overhead bin insidethe forehead. Their punchesbounce off my body armor absorbingthe impact,Continue Reading