The soul of each moment is alive. A living voice, a broken down song. Like an abandoned car in an alleyway, from another life you’ve lived. Within another’s ghost towns. *** “The most beautiful thing about you, is that you’re strong enough to be vulnerable.” (Fuck you). “The ugliest thingContinue Reading

Muscles churning, coiling, tightening, releasing,Bunched beneath the rawhide saddle, slick withFoam and sweat, a dirty brown lather frothingAt the shoulder, obscuring the flea-bitten grayCoat wrapped around the powerful creature,Whose magnificent galloping strides fly towardA starlit horizon, soaked in plum and magenta. Pounding hooves echo through the rain-washed canyonDripping in darknessContinue Reading

Elephants and eyelash mites, streams of life, Of heritage both mighty and minute, Existence spies through milky eyes in strife, Cascades in raging sound—genetic root; The song, the strife, the milky streams all end And yet that end comes as a mystery —The wintry absence of breath— You are theContinue Reading

“My little angel.” It was what my mama called me since before I could remember. She said that I was the most beautiful child to ever exist–her “gift from god.” According to her, when I was born the nurses couldn’t look away. They said that I was the most beautifulContinue Reading