Secret aaaagent man–A tee.Secret aaaaagent man–A tee.They’ve given you some blubberAnd taken away your mane.    –Johnny Estuaries From his waterfront office, located within the mangroves and womangroves of Kissimmeeyoufool, Florida, Secret Agent Manatee logged into his laptop. A new episode of his favorite whalepodcast, Last Night Spumes Raydio had been postedContinue Reading

The ring-a-ding-ding of the bell dangling from the deli shop’s front door knob signaled the arrival of yet another customer. Felicity called out a welcome from behind the cash register as the calico made her way to the counter. “Ooooh, corned beef!” squealed the calico. “What a lovely surprise. I’llContinue Reading