A billowing plume of dust raged across the sprawling grassland. Darkness gripped the sky as the black blizzard waged onward towards the Oklahoma expanse. Since 1930, the swirling storm of dust and dirt has cascaded over fertile farmland, devastating crops and ways of life across Boise City. With an absenceContinue Reading

The resounding, deafening cries rattled the interior panels within the cylindrical titanium rotunda. Screams emanated through the adjacent halls while blinding rays of teal light flooded the structure. The temperature dropped and increased without notice, and the entire floor reverberated as the screaming ensued, heightening in pitch. Such was theContinue Reading

Venue upon venue, theaters sold out before ticket prices were disclosed. The time of entrepreneurial entertainers in Victorian England was at an all-time high. Some were high with the notion of fame. Others were drunk with it. But Salazar, stoic and steady, reached the pinnacle of the arcane within theContinue Reading

A sight upon a site. The hollow beacon stood atop Little Brewster with its majestic gaze. Guiding wayward seafarers from cracking their hull into oblivion. A 12-sided Fresnel lens commanded safe passage to calmer shores, and all at the behest of David Warren, the man who manned this remarkable wonder.Continue Reading

Do you remember the day you died? I do. It was that fateful night I stood watch atop that cliff. The cliff I had fond memories of from childhood. It overlooked the sea. The sound of waves cracked at the base as the wind howled below with the sharp scentContinue Reading

I had become my father. Another alcoholic destined down a dark road of desperation. Rife with self-loathing, destitution, and despondency. A dissolute barfly full of contradictory, yet melancholic thoughts. My everyday was my yesterday. Nothing ever changed. Maybe because I was not ready for it to change. So, once again,Continue Reading

“I guess… I’m just afraid, Levi,” a distressed outlaw said. “You know damn well we ain’t both gonna get through the night, Cassidy. Get the hell outta here already. Would ya? I’ll hold him off. The time for talk is over. Get back to your family and live out theContinue Reading

“Ava, grab Morgan and get down!” a disgruntled, bearded outlaw yelled within a desolate lodge. The blistering sound of bullets rattled that very lodge that was isolated and nestled alongside the Appalachian mountains. Each devastating round tore the lodge asunder as the sound of a child crying could be heardContinue Reading