“The cold rain began, a slanted pelting of big drops. Beneath the streetlight’s orange dome, the gutters already ran black. Somewhere, a dog barked.” Hey, that’s no dog! The solid, middle-aged woman pushed the typewriter’s carriage release back and to the left, then leaned down and cocked her head outContinue Reading

There they were, finally, with a small sense of security. Approaching happiness, even, they sometimes ventured in cautious introspection. Yes, that. Incredible, after everything that happened. They shook their head, not wishing to dwell on the past. They looked up and tracked a large bird sailing east above the trees.Continue Reading

“Yes. Did you hear it again?” “Shit, if it’s what I think it is, well. Shit’s gonna ‘splode. In a good way.” “What’s that? What is going to explode? Let me tell you oh sleepy one “ “Yes, you heard! Me too. Do you think? Do you think it is?”Continue Reading

Twelve is a magic number. Two is knowledge, duality,a cleaving and clarity. Eight is a hope against. Nine is the repentstation. Five is the stake. Four is the building. Six is a surprise. Seven is change. Ten is then. Eleven goes nowhere, isolated,alone, forgotten dead. Three is the magic number.Continue Reading

Where do they go? Where should I put them? They reach out uncontrolled at the slightest relaxation, to wreak havoc and panic. There’s no escape then. Everything is exposed. Anything can happen. And even though nothing much ever does, it’s always disturbing. Lately I’ve been lucky with two close-calls. AllContinue Reading

The entrance to the conveyance is getting smaller; the rectangle closing towards a vertical slit. Our arrival, however, pauses the doors — just enough. We turn sideways and squeeze through. We’re in. The doors whoosh shut. Ding. We’re moving before we realize we’re on the wrong elevator. Too late. WeContinue Reading

one There I was, fat, dumb and happy. A three-legged stool. A glint on the horizon demanded my attention, then it was gone. My leg. Gone! The southwestern one. Involuntarily, I reeled back, northeast. I wobbled slightly, then somehow achieved a precarious balance on my remaining two legs. I surveyedContinue Reading