He finds her sitting on top of the kitchen’s table, a hand holding a book, Dark Side of the Universe, and her other one lifts an apple to her mouth. She bites and chews. Peeking through her dark long hair, her eyes, those ruby eyes he missed, focused on theContinue Reading

It was dark and so quiet, so very quiet. It was late at night, so it was to be expected, but as I laid on my bed with the fire all died out and the air so still around me, it felt so empty, so lonely. The anxiousness of myContinue Reading

Illustrations by Jowhara Mohammed The world stood still around Anya. and the cold numbness she feared overcame her as she saw Adrian ride toward her. She could barely feel Luca’s protective grip on her or hear Julia’s shouts as she ran to them. This can’t be happening, she thought. PanicContinue Reading