Isn’t it strange the way you’re always sayingsomething I’d thought just the other hour or dayor the other way around? Or maybe,each was thinking the same phrase at the same second,just a question of who trots it out first:makes the other laugh or sigh, inside or out.That day you admiredContinue Reading

Fair ones change their skins to change their songs. Dare you shed false love to mate true peer? Give your heart, as hard as art is long? Poor tunes assail you; still you say, play on! Finer melodies shall scale your ear. Fair ones change their skins to change theirContinue Reading

Ghosts walk, and there are witnesses. Dead men live to tell their tales. We, to hear and wonder, keep the watch, and dream of vengeance, execute the play. Let love go, she will not stay thee from thy god-invited way. Death calls for death. A little company is all thatContinue Reading