Dear Emmanuella,I just put the baby down for his nap and had to write to you right away. What you must be feeling, trapped on that leaking pirate ship with all those rats and bad food – and Cole so far away from you! Not to mention the pirate leaderContinue Reading

2122 Annual ConferenceShakespeare Societies of the Western World June 11 – 14, 2122Laughlin, NVGolden Nugget Casino24 Karat Conference Centre Featured Papers:Shakespeare: The Eternal Question: Cat Lover or Dog Aficionado? 5 Arguments in Favor of the Canine Guest Speaker, Hugo “Hotspur” Larke, PhD Sponsored by the Disney-Folger Library Celebrating the GoldenContinue Reading

It was spring when Mrs Pohvalich went down to her husband’s workshop in the basement and hammered together a sign declaring: Palms Read. “Yelena,” said her husband, Morris, as he watched her struggle up the steps, plywood board in tow, “where are you going with that?” “To the front yard.Continue Reading

[The phone rings] Austen residence. This is Andrews. Is Miss Austen in? Oh, Mr. Andrews. Yes, she’s here. May I talk to her, Cassandra? Why? Is it important? By the way, I am ‘Miss Austen.’ I would prefer it if you don’t call me ‘Cassandra.’ My sister is also ‘MissContinue Reading