2122 Annual ConferenceShakespeare Societies of the Western World June 11 – 14, 2122Laughlin, NVGolden Nugget Casino24 Karat Conference Centre Featured Papers:Shakespeare: The Eternal Question: Cat Lover or Dog Aficionado? 5 Arguments in Favor of the Canine Guest Speaker, Hugo “Hotspur” Larke, PhD Sponsored by the Disney-Folger Library Celebrating the GoldenContinue Reading

It was spring when Mrs Pohvalich went down to her husband’s workshop in the basement and hammered together a sign declaring: Palms Read. “Yelena,” said her husband, Morris, as he watched her struggle up the steps, plywood board in tow, “where are you going with that?” “To the front yard.Continue Reading

[The phone rings] Austen residence. This is Andrews. Is Miss Austen in? Oh, Mr. Andrews. Yes, she’s here. May I talk to her, Cassandra? Why? Is it important? By the way, I am ‘Miss Austen.’ I would prefer it if you don’t call me ‘Cassandra.’ My sister is also ‘MissContinue Reading