Test: Positive The test-tube test was taken this morning.Result: a rust-colored doughnut-shaped ring. That such a means should bring first proof of yousuggests the magic of this fragile life,the sleight-of-love that makes the wish come true.Yet pride insists we make a full disclosure:you were the best laid scheme of manContinue Reading

We watched the pine box enter, the door close, and then the jets of the burners roared. ‘Through hell he goes,’ I thought. And how we stood together silently, hearing the flames consume so violently the stoic man that was our dad. It wouldn’t take long to reduce his 90Continue Reading

Out of the proverbial top hat, like a rabbit, pulled. Imagine that was your beginning! The tooth fairy, Santa Claus, imaginary friends with extraordinary powers turned your focus into addiction with hocus-pocus and fiction. Language lent a sleight-of-hand to every word that you would understand. It could animate the heartless,Continue Reading

First, the cost of blood work and biopsies to analyze the contents and properties of your state of ill- or well-being. The cost of prescription drugs to regulate your bodily functions after your deductible or Medicare allowable discount or amount. The cost of physical therapy to improve the limited motionContinue Reading