For as long as he could remember, the barrel had sat in the backyard, behind a locked gate and a very tall fence. Only the father had the key, and three times a day, the boy would watch his father take a jumbled plate of scraps out to the backyardContinue Reading

There will never be enough time to catalogall of the dreams of the things in my yardin my house: the fat squirrels that roost in the trees outsidethe sparrows that peck at the dead insects in the air conditionerset in the windowthe mice that live behind my stove, the spiderContinue Reading

the river cracks awake in the middle of the night, sounds like somethingfalling inside the house, sounds like the dog/kid broke something. I get upso he doesn’t have to, stomp out into the living room bathed in bright moonlight, seethe dog curled up by the front door, oblivious to whateverContinue Reading

The house groans as the wind tries to rip it apart tugs at its loose shingles and the ancient tar paper beneathfinds its way through the cracks in the rough window frames rattles and rustles the plastic taped around the sills.   We groan as we hear the places our house isContinue Reading