Peaseblossom, Cobweb, Mustardseedand Moth all will attend his need,Titania deems in Shakespeare’s “Dream”.Midsummer Night’s subversive schemepermits this Fairy to reversethe roles, so groom now bears the purse.And though it may appear a boonto be a ‘tended to’ buffoon,when sprites become your fancy’s guides,because the Queen of Fairies chidesthem to beContinue Reading

No sportsman relishing a victoryagainst his foe in an athletic meetwould dish up such a large trajectoryof reportage. Yet she did who’d repeatthat some infatuated patron sethis heart upon her gender-bending rolein Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.Forget her flaunting feminine controlas Romeo’s ill-fated paramour -that followed later when she donned aContinue Reading