i wake in the belly of a fasting beasta broken day devouring itself.there are too many poems about morningi announce to my empty room. a loose bouquetof light drifts to where you last laystillthe shadow of your leaving scrawled against the wall.there is no night left in this bed.oncedrunk offContinue Reading

1.in the pistachio-shell hours of some thousand grassy nights.innumerable like feet on street cornersand all their destinations. my mom’s new car belonged to someone’s old son,its duct-tape flapping as she speeds, the bumper banging along,happily and in disruption, mile after mile afterrrr 2.i walked from one city to the nextContinue Reading

we build home out of half a whatever.a deck of cards smeared across the asphaltour hands slapping wildly like flying fish.a watery tongue spills over the rock ledgeand licks at the salt of our spilled trail mix. i’d write to the water but i’d be wrong.we don’t come for theContinue Reading