I could do small things. Last spring, I shelled the whole pea patch. Mom kissed my green-stained palms and told me I was good. I could sing under my breath so the prairie wind would not hear. Every day I sang as I carried water to the house, the nakedContinue Reading

I dreamed of a marriage. My own, I would call it except that I can’t see the face of the woman I was so wrong about loving until death do us part. Rarely do years pass in my dreams, but we had been apart long enough that it felt likeContinue Reading

Before the Hammish sisters disappeared, none of us said the word Selkie. It was a word that seemed old even in the twentieth century, our grandfathers’ grandfathers’ word. Age was heavy in it, like the rusted schooner anchor from the 1700’s that’s in front of town hall. By this time,Continue Reading

Jordan was the youngest guy on the crew that season. Never worked a winter on an offshore rig, and so was more prone to incidents like becoming involved with ghosts. We all stood, zipped up to the nose, leaning into the  bluster of  the last helicopter as it whipped theContinue Reading