The valley appears before Elias like an open wound, festering with a fever heat between swollen hills. It seems fresh, unfamiliar to the man who has taken that route near a dozen times before. He ponders whether he has unknowingly veered from course. Easy to do so when traversing theContinue Reading

Watch her now as she performs the ritual. She is not who you think she is. Yes, she may still be the librarian who smiles as you go in for your study sessions on weeknights. Or she may be that front-of-house friend you had keeping you sane as you workedContinue Reading

Jupiter was a pinprick in the night sky. Above the Moon and to the right, easily mistakable for a distant star. But Marsh knows where to look. They’d been hoping for a glimpse of Europa, soon to be their new home, but Jupiter’s fledgling moon was lost in the reflectingContinue Reading

There has never been a connection so strong as was the bond between the Moon and the Wolf. The Wolf, by day a man bored and lifeless, became his true self at night within the glow of its love. There were many days when he could feel its lingering presenceContinue Reading