Only in that sunless realm between asleep and awakeWill I find you, the shell of my former self, crumpled andLifeless, huddled in the darkest corner, two tattered wingsSprouting from shriveled flesh, cracked and splinteredLike the decaying skin of a porcelain doll left forgotten. I watch as you gracefully unfurl thoseContinue Reading

Vague images sway through my skull,Sloshing under the dented cranial dome,Like a liquid motherboard, uprooting strandsOf a dream, I thought had been long forgotten. As the motion-picture reel plays, I step insideMyself, not far enough to become lost in theWorld of cracked screens and wavering signals,But close enough to tasteContinue Reading

Muscles churning, coiling, tightening, releasing,Bunched beneath the rawhide saddle, slick withFoam and sweat, a dirty brown lather frothingAt the shoulder, obscuring the flea-bitten grayCoat wrapped around the powerful creature,Whose magnificent galloping strides fly towardA starlit horizon, soaked in plum and magenta. Pounding hooves echo through the rain-washed canyonDripping in darknessContinue Reading

We are parasites, bulbous bodies entangled,Swarming atop nests of rotten flesh, fightingAnd crowding on an already choked planet,A hive mind of greed and gluttony, evil oozingFrom our pores, sickly brown muck slickingOur palms as we tear through dying matter. Our bulging guts and sunken eyes scan forNourishment as we traverseContinue Reading

Tumbling through cotton candy clouds,I thread my fingers between gossamerStrands of pale pink and baby blueSoft as spider’s silk, wrapping aroundMy pinky, an ethereal ribbon of light.Body flailing, caught in free-fall,I surrender to gravity’s demands,Letting moisture pool upon my lashesLavender crystals nestled above my eyes,I inhale invisible capsules of air,FeelingContinue Reading

Down the moss-carpeted path you creep,Dewdrops crunching between your toes,Needles of ice embedded in callus.Hands emerge from your tattered cloak,The claws of a she-witch,Gnarled and twisted, remains of a vile act.Whorls of black ink gliding over skin,Peek from beneath your veil,Runic tattoos, symbols of power,Dance across your peeling flesh,Like aContinue Reading