We take him to the doctor.What do you want on your face? said the nurse.Godzilla, he said. She painted his face like Godzilla.Rawr, he said.Hello, Godzilla, I said.They plugged his brain into a machine at the hospital. They called it “The Big Brain.” They filled his head up with redContinue Reading

My grandmother was the first of us taken by hornets. Rumors had warned us, posters had warned us, even our own TVs: “They can chase a person a quarter of a mile,” “They kill 1,000 people a year,” “They have killed horses,” “They have killed elephants,” “Any given attacker willContinue Reading

It is hard to tell now what is the absinthe and what is the bile. Matyáš and Tomáš contemplate the red doors.  Behind one red door is the incinerator. Behind the other red door is the future. Outside the laboratory altogether then is the third option, the option already insideContinue Reading

Sundays we take Mikey to the zoo to fuck with the monkeys. We dress him like a monkey and lean him on the glass. You’ll never be as smart as me, says Mikey. No matter what you think, you’ll never think like I think, he says. The baboon sits onContinue Reading

A small group of fishermen tend a dock. The fishermen know everything that goes on in our town. The fishermen sit around skinning fish, and dwelling on Benjamin Carson. It’s not right that a boy is born so awful, says the first fisherman, holding a knife in the eyes ofContinue Reading