Under crystal neon lights, in a darkened club on the shoals of some distant world, she dances. Her hips move like the tide and her neck extends and cranes about as if she were reaching upwards to drink from some tall hanging bloom. Her feet, though delicately burdened with sandals,Continue Reading

Each time I pass through the gate, I forget. I forget about the rusty nail, and it pricks my palm in the same spot, over and over: right hand, the bottom left mound of my palm, just above the wrist. The nail on the gate is rusted and twisted. ChangingContinue Reading

The historical society kept no record of the girl’s birth, just a rushed account of her finding as an infant washed up on the beach, rosy and plump as a sea urchin. Two local workers from the nuclear power plant upstream discovered her on their smoke break and promptly droppedContinue Reading

I. In the house of the spirit, in the hour of the mother,we spilled the purifying salts,sprinkled pillows with rosemary,and from our blessings discarded to theVestal fire we heardthe chime of the ritual bell break throughthe silence that sat in the dark. II. In the light of the day thereContinue Reading