When I was six and seven years old, The Beatles broke up, Manson was convicted, Apollo 13 nearly crashed into the moon, the American War Against Vietnam was grinding on with my eldest brother soon to be facing the draft, and I learned to hate school with great passion, moreContinue Reading

Jack and I followed the creek for half an hour. Once in a while we peered past the clumps of bushes and trees along the embankment, frustrated that we could still catch glimpses of picnic tables or awnings or trailers, the glint of trucks or cars or bikes. Soon, weContinue Reading

The future is a cone, a coneof possibilities extendingfrom the presentpoint.The coneis moving throughspace-time, following aforward arrow, unipolar, directedtowards tomorrow. Our future manifestsout of a cloud of probability from within the cone. The future is precisely unknown, but looming, a microsecond away, then proceeding into a widening blur of possibility.Continue Reading

Curled into a ball on the bed.Better off dead. Better off dead.Relentless mantra in my head.Better off dead. Better off dead.Turn on back and before my eyes,life’s report card flashes by,a bottomless column of F and I.Better off dead. Better off dead.Too tired to cry. Too sick for why.How shouldContinue Reading

We endure. We get by.We wither and die. The ends draw us in.The river stays dry. The plains sing a songof bitter lament. The mountains think betterand will not repent. Seasons turn, climates change.We cry from the wheel, in vain, remain. We endure. We get by.We wither, and then, weContinue Reading

Leaving Ashland, mountain fairiesPacked my lunchVegan fare Medford looming, Medford doomingMill town, pill townOverpass Exit thirty to sixty-twoLava Lanes, cow dance road houseNo city, meth city, White City Assembly line, swing shift, unincorporateWage slave trailer tearsNo escape Medford looming, Medford dooming AJD has lived and worked in different parts ofContinue Reading

If I don’t have to be awake,I won’t. Fuck you, and your world. The west, where the sun sets, is death.The sun, born in the east, dies in the west. Fuck you, and your death world. Your endgame. Dumbfucking rednecks,and their conservative think tank sugar daddies,play up the myths. RoundContinue Reading

We were walking on a road near the quarry, above Lithia Park. I saw some deer up ahead and called back for you to take a look. You were collecting flowers or rocks somewhere behind and did not answer. I approached the deer and saw that there were two ofContinue Reading

The deck pitches in a slow roll with the swells, but worse is an irregular jolting motion which induces a drunken stumble gait. It is night, raining hard, and windy. There is a constant roar from the storm and the workings of the deck. Sailors run to and fro withContinue Reading

Note: This story uses the non-gender pronouns e / em / eirs and they / them / theirs for some characters. “There once was a monster who lived under the bed. The monster stayed there, and slept mostly, until hungry. Then the monster ate the child who slept above, andContinue Reading