A married woman pushed to the edge. A young man alone on his own in the backlands of 19th century South Texas. A famous inventor on the verge of both breakthrough and tragedy. A chance encounter on the Oregon Coast between a man on the run and an isolated hunter. The mysterious death of a saintly girl in 11th century Belgium and its impact on an entire town ravished by her otherworldly beauty. The tragic power hidden in every human heart. And above it all: the mysterious night air. These are some of the stories told in Joe Galván’s masterfully written Sereno.

JOE GALVÁN (1984—) is a writer, artist, composer and anthropologist. He was born in Harlingen, Texas, in the Rio Grande Valley of Texas. His work has appeared in Texas Monthly, The Believer, Buckman, Deep Overstock, 1001, and Barrelhouse. He lives in Portland, Oregon.

ISBN: 9781949127218
Release Date: 8/16/22
Price: $16.00