• Mickey’s 🐝lahg #12

    Hello dear super readers and stalkers, Today we’re releasing DO#16 and like any Sweet Sixteen we’ve got to give away a 🐝rand new car!* For this 🐝ig cele🐝ration we’ve invited all of the superheroes you’ve seen in film, TV, and comics, though they haven’t RSVP’d yet, so I wouldn’t holdContinue Reading

  • Mickey’s Blahg #11

    What’s the latest buzz? It’s Beekeeping, which we’re now accepting submissions for. Why beekeeping? In case you haven’t heard, the bees aren’t doing great. Honeybees are in trouble. Here’s how you can help (USA Today, 6/23/17). And bees are responsible for pollinating not just flowers, but many of the fruitsContinue Reading

  • Mickey’s Blahg #10

    Hello, and welcome to the new deepoverstock.com. So glad you could be here. After a week of hair-pulling (quite the accomplishment since my hair is so short) I was finally able to combine our .com and .shop domains into just one pretty little site. If you don’t think it’s pretty,Continue Reading

  • Mickey’s Blahg #9

    Number nine number nine number nine number nine number nine… Happy new year, dear readers, stockers, and stalkers alike. Sorry I haven’t done one of these in awhile. For those that don’t know my wife and I had our first kid around the end of September, so that’s kept meContinue Reading

  • Mickey’s Blahg #8

    We’ve said it before, but it bears repeating: congratulations to Mark Savage and Fictional Film Club on being a finalist for the 2021 Oregon Book Awards! Just one week ago today the finalists were announced. To see Mark listed alongside such writing talents as Lidia Yuknavitch, Chelsea Bieker, Genevieve Hudson,Continue Reading