HYPNOZINE: THE BIRTH OF HYPNO is an illustrated psychedelic science fiction novel that ebbs and flows between narrative and poetry written by Jason Squamata, with illustrations and design by Andrew Mc Kenzie. It’s a mythology from a weird future that shifts and shimmers on the other side of our chaos. A book-shaped game that kisses the eye and says “play.”
It is the first disco scripture in a forthcoming trilogy, followed soon by HYPNOZINE 2: TRIPLIKATION OF THE SIMULATRIX and HYPNOZINE 3: HYPNOCRACY NOW! At last, a story that explains everything that ever happened to you. Hypno Kids, you are not who you are.

JASON SQUAMATA is a novelist, voice actor, freelance Orakuloid, sleazy pulp surrealist, and spoken word radio artiste.  His work has appeared in Gigi Little’s CITY OF WEIRD anthology, PROPELLER magazine, and the DEEP OVERSTOCK literary journal.  His previous books include HOTEL ZYMOGLYPHIC and ALPHA BITCH.  His internet HQ is at patreon.com/Squamata. He wants to live in your headspace.

ANDREW MC KENZIE is from the Maine coast. His artistic education began at Emerson College and has continued through 20 years of media and practical design work. He draws for HYPNO and himself from a home studio in Brunswick, Maine where he lives with his wife and children.

ISBN: 9781949127096
Release Date: 4/21/2020
Price: $25.00