From the upcoming release Zenithism by Jonathan van Belle. Pre-order it today on the DO Store. What is Fermi’s Paradox? Fermi’s Paradox is not so much of a paradox, at least it is not a logical paradox; it is more of tension between two putative truths: (1) We have noContinue Reading

Submissions are now open for our 12th Issue in the theme of… MYSTERY. Send us your alcoholic PIs, send us boxes without return addresses, figures in cloaks with raspy voices, drop little breadcrumb clues for us to follow into the bakery where there’s been a murder! Whatever you send us,Continue Reading

Deep Overstock is excited to announce the theme for our tenth issue: Origin of Life. Did life begin from volcanic vents on the ocean floor? Were we hurtled toward Earth on a rock from the stars? Is there an all-powerful Creator?People have been wondering how we got here since weContinue Reading

Thank you to everyone who submitted to Deep Overstock #9. We received more submissions for this issue than any other before. Acceptances and rejections have been sent out and we are currently editing the journal. Our hope is to get it printed and ready by July, but with delays atContinue Reading