No sportsman relishing a victoryagainst his foe in an athletic meetwould dish up such a large trajectoryof reportage. Yet she did who’d repeatthat some infatuated patron sethis heart upon her gender-bending rolein Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.Forget her flaunting feminine controlas Romeo’s ill-fated paramour -that followed later when she donned aContinue Reading

Where hast thou been, sister? –Macbeth Since the night I was born I’ve I’ll known howling at the moon, mixed kiss yours with my own, crossed all times rhymes to together by the born beards your beard on our faces. Even when apart of hurt women’s tales never tell andContinue Reading

SHADOW: Why hast thou summoned me once more from peaceful slumber?WILLIAM: I, summon thee? Surely you jest for ne’er once have I summoned thee. Thou appeare’st from torpid shadows to test mine patience, a fickle figment of mine craft and nothing more.SHADOW: Nay I say, nay. ‘Tis thy craft thatContinue Reading