Stay Home, Write In

While we’re all quarantined, let’s make a quaran-zine!

We believe that writers can do their part against COVID-19 by staying home and writing. Our editors are committing to a “Stay Home, Write In.” We want to encourage everyone, when they can, to stay home and write.

We are looking for hopeful pieces, doomsday pieces, how-to-survive the end of the world pieces, pieces about real life, pieces about past lives or future lives, diaries of madness, diaries of sobriety, calmness, tranquility, or anything else that this time in your life has inspired you to write.

Submit your apocalyptic fiction, non-fiction, art, or anything else by June 1st, 2020. We’ll put together a zine of accepted work and sell copies with the profits going back to the contributors who are stuck at home and out of work.

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