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Hi subscriber,

You may have received an email from "Deep Overstok" promising you lots of money if you sent us an iTunes gift card. We have no association with a Mr. Bozos nor do we want your gift cards or Social Security Numbers, so stop send them to us.

We want to apologize for the terrible grammar in that email. It was sent by some hacker-types. Who knew that our password manager (a sticky note by my computer) would get compromised? Well we've learned our lesson. But that does bring us to an interesting point...

Deep Overstock is open for submissions with the theme of "Hacking" from September 1st to November 30th. Give us your 1's, your 0's, your white and black hats, your lines of code, or whatever other submissions the theme of Hacking inspires in you. Just please don't hack us. We don't need any more iTunes gift cards thank you.
Thanks for reading. Hope to see your submissions soon!

Deep Overstock Editors
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