Truly Small – Anum Sattar

His dream was to guilt trip a large-chested and small-assed female with whom to suck face. 

So then, wannabe Harvey Weinstein blew his overtime pay: 

To host a gullible woman like me at his rundown apartment… 
Set me up as a featured reader at Barnes & Noble… 
Cover his share of a fancy dinner at Spindletop in Houston, TX… 

and more to achieve a childhood goal. 

All the while a current love interest was imprisoned for driving under the influence of alcohol. 

When I scoffed at his stubby penis, he accused me for leading him on to write a haibun. 

indie publisher 
he pulls out a strapless bra 
from the New Yorker bag 
when I ask for sneakers 
to change out of heels

Anum Sattar is a recent graduate from College of Wooster in Ohio, USA. 
She won the first Grace Prize and third Vonna Hicks poetry awards at the college. 
Her poems have been published in the American Journal of Poetry (Margie), Under the Basho, Indicia: a journal curating literary arts, Calliope by Writers’ Special Interest Group (SIG) of American Mensa Ltd, Modern Haiku, Blazevox, Harbinger Asylum, Visitant, Social Alternatives Journal, Foxtrot Uniform, Voice of Eve, Notre Dame Review, GUSTS, Porter Gulch Review, and more. 

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